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"Yoga is a place where the mind can be free."


200 hours teacher training

The reasons for training as a yoga teacher are fundamentally different: 
Deepening your own practice, the desire to pass on the gift of yoga or the search for a new professional challenge. 

I want you with wonderful colleagues on youAccompany this trip for a bit and offer certified 200 hours of basic training every year. 


300 hours advanced training

Would you like to deepen your knowledge in specific yoga areas and improve your teaching quality?

visits onlysome training courses with me online, in Hamburg or at Phönix Yoga in Braunschweig

or make you the same 

to the whole 300+ training with us at Urban Yoga Hamburg. 

I and we look forward to seeing you!


class, workshop, course

Would you like to get to know me in advance without obligation?

I believe in what I do - and want to accompany you in what you need. 

Have a look around and get to know me in workshops, masterclasses or courses I offer. 

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